Choosing gutter colours


If you are renovating your home exterior and it is time to replace your rain gutters, choosing the colour and location of your gutters can be a way to make them seem like an integral part of your exterior. You can match your gutters to your exterior siding, your trim, or choose a contrasting colour, depending on the look you want for your home’s exterior.

In Canada, rain gutters are a very important component of any exterior and so choosing the right style and colour, will help you to enjoy the look of your gutters and make them a part of your exterior that you will find visually pleasing.

Coordinating with your trim colour

If you are choosing to coordinate your gutters with you trim colour, usually it’s because the body of your house is a material like brick or stone. If there is a chance to paint your trim colour, then you can purchase gutters first, and then choose a trim colour to match. Black or dark coloured gutters will generally look better longer in our rainy and wet weather but they will look far more pronounced so make sure it ties in well with your existing trim.

Match your siding

Choosing a gutter colour to match your home’s siding is probably the safest colour choice for your gutters. They are a significant feature of your exterior, and yet, sometimes the best colour choice is when that makes it blend into the background. Homes with neutral colours can generally find a similar match in our variety of coloured gutters.

Work with the colour of your roof

When you are working with a home with a lot of exterior details, like a heritage home, you may choose to coordinate your gutter colour with your roof. You never want your gutters and downspouts to detract from the beauty of your home, but rather to enhance it. Coordinating with your roof colour, may be the best choice to enhance the existing architecture.

Gutters and downspouts are a significant fixed feature on your home. When choosing colours for your new gutters, Precision Gutters has a variety of colour choices and you will be certain to find something perfect for your Vancouver or Lower Mainland home.


Lindab Rainline Gutter Systems has eight colours to match to your project.

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