Is it more difficult to install steel gutters?

There is no difference in the difficulty of installing gutters of different material types. Lindab Rainline gutters come in 4 meter lengths and sections lock together so for longer runs, the system is actually easier to handle and install!

Is there any special maintenance required on Lindab Rainline gutters?

No, half round gutters are far more efficient, moving water and debris through a system more effectively than flat bottomed gutters, so less maintenance is required. An occasional wipe down or flush with a hose is usually all that is required.

Why Lindab Rainline?

Quality, finish, component selection, material and value are all the highest level! There is simply no better system available.

What is the life expectancy of a Lindab Rainline system?

50+ years

Do you need to replace fascia and soffits to install Lindab Rainline?

The most commonly used support hangers attach directly to the fascia board. If there is rot in any of the existing fascia boards then they should be replaced during the installation project. Soffit has no bearing on the gutter system.

How long does it take to install Lindab Rainline?

This depends on many factors – experience, heights, access, comfort working at heights, equipment, tools, size of job, size of crew, style of building. There is no single answer. A professional crew will spend about 25-35% more time to install a Lindab system than a roll form system.

How often do I need to clean my Lindab gutters?

This varies with the type of debris in your area that lands on the roof. While there is no set formula, in our experience over years of installing the product, maintenance frequency is reduced by at least 75% on most homes!

If you do need your gutters inspected or cleaned, call Precision Gutters Ltd. for a free Quote!

Will they sag in heavy snow?

Lindab Rainline hangers have earned the highest strength ratings in independent European Union testing by EMI. While standard spacing is 60cm (24 inches), tests were conducted with spacing at 100cm (39 inches) with a 76.5 kg (168 pound) load and resulted in less than a 1mm deflection. They can sag a tiny bit, but it will take an extreme load. Installations in areas with very heavy snow loads can either tighten up hanger spacing, to 16 to 18 inches, or add STAG straps, a style of roof hanger support, in between the regular hangers. These installation options are common in Whistler and Revelstoke with no reported issues.

Leaf protection?

The Lindab Rainline system is already designed to flush the majority of debris through the system to the cleanout at ground level. It is still possible to add a perforated screen system to keep larger debris from entering the gutter.

European Gutters Canada carries the Lindab Leaf Screen here.

What about rust?

This is not your grandfather’s steel! To provide long term rust proofing the steel is coated with 0.90 oz. zinc per ft2. The G90 galvanized coating

Are Lindab gutters naturally self-healing?

Any scratch or cut is automatically sealed by zinc ions which re-coat the uncovered steel. Next the sheets get a primer coat followed by finish coats in high build, extra durable polyester paint with a UV inhibitor for an attractive and elegant finish.

How are these different than aluminum half-round gutters?

Aluminum half-round gutters are made like all other common roll form gutters and have the exact same issues.

The support hangers are only spray painted to closely colour match so the finish will not last. Lindab support hangers are factory-made and painted for an exact match in a long-lasting, baked-on finish.

Outlets for aluminum half-round come from different manufacturers so may or may not fit tightly to the gutter. Lindab outlets are factory-made with the exact same material as the gutters.

Aluminum corners are seamed and sealed with urethane sealant which will break down and cause corner leaks just like all other roll-formed gutters. Lindab corners are formed in one piece from the same sheets as the gutter and have no seam at the expansion point so will never leak. Concealed neoprene gaskets seal the corner sections to the gutter.

Aluminum coils are very thin and will dent easily. Lindab is 23 gauge steel which is six times stronger than aluminum.

Aluminum systems last an average of 22 years. Lindab will last more than double that!