A challenging Lindab Rainline® Gutter installation in Point Grey near UBC.

Right on the cliffside waterfront, overlooking the North Shore mountains, the Vancouver skyline and Burrard Inlet, the houses are very close together and safe access must be carefully thought through and planned.  A combination of skinny scaffolds and ladders was used by Precision Gutters Ltd. to access each area without infringing on the neighbouring properties.

This home had cascading pipes, each level dumping into the gutter or collector box on the level below it, causing the lower outlets to be overwhelmed and overflow.  The pipes were changed to 3-inch Lindab downpipes in Silver Metallic, to match the house flashings and trims, and each pipe was modified to bypass the lower levels to resolve the problems. FUTK style in-line leaf catchers and matching silver tile covers complete the bottoms.

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Installation by Kevin and Mark of Precision Gutters Ltd.