Dealing with Frozen Gutters and Downpipes.

The quick dip in our temperatures across Canada has us now dealing with frozen gutters and downpipes.

Dropping temperatures & bad weather make for clogged rain gutters and downpipes, which lead to potential damage to your roof as well as your gutter system.

Right now your gutter system looks like a big block of ice or snow, but as soon as the weather warms up there are some things that you should deal with immediately.

Ice will only form if water is present, so it is important to have a free draining system before the freeze. As water turns to ice a great deal of force is exerted through expansion. This can cause gutters to buckle and push corners apart breaking seals resulting in a leak. Check for ice dams that have formed.

If you see ice dams, check for leaks in the attic and interior of your home. Ice Dams can damage your roof and cause water damage to ceilings and dreaded mold to develop. If you see water damage, call a local roofing company to remove the ice dam and prevent more damage.

Don’t get the urge to take a hammer or your favorite Phillips screw driver to the frozen blobs in your gutters, you’re more likely to cause yourself more grief, ruin your gutters and cost yourself a lot more money fixing or replacing your gutter system.Better to wait for the ice to melt is a good option as long as you don’t see any water damage.

Get the professionals to check your gutter system for damage, it’s more cost effective to have a gutter company come out and inspect your gutters and downpipes then it is for you to climb that old rickety ladder, up onto a slippery roof and slide off like superman in front of all your neighbors.

If you find that your gutter corners are leaking, that’s most likely a small repair, if you find that your gutters have cracked or started to sag, it’s time for a repair or replacement. Downpipes can fill up with water and then when they freeze the pipes split or burst. Again, this could be a minor replacement of a few downpipes.

If you haven’t had your gutters cleaned in while, when the ice has melted, now is the time to have a gutter company to clear any remaining debris and old leaves from the gutters to help the flow of all that rain water.

Cleaning the leaves, twigs, and debris from your system can ensure that ice won’t start accumulating again on the next great freeze. Rain water will run through the gutter system unimpeded and your wife/better half won’t be nagging you to get out there and clean them yourself!

If you need assistance finding a reputable gutter cleaning company in your area, look here for one of our affiliates located across Canada or call European Gutters directly at 604-566-8411