As people become more and more concerned about the environment, they have started to rethink the choices they have made when it comes to home building and repair. One area that has garnered a lot of attention is the gutter system.

Replacing a gutter system is a large undertaking for any home owner and many choose to go the cheaper, lower quality, route. But this choice comes with a great environmental impact that people may not have thought about. Here are a few ways the environment is affected.


The longer a gutter system lasts, the better it is for the environment. Less gutters are produced, less gutters are discarded, and less materials are ripped from the ground and processed. Quality gutters, like steel and copper, can last more than 3 times as long as other, cheaper systems, reducing the environmental impact.

Better drainage = less damage

One of the quickest way a gutter system breaks down is when it stops draining properly, is forced to hold too much weight, and shifts, breaks, rusts, or tears away from the building. A product like the Lindab gutter, which is the most efficient on the market which is designed to be maintenance free and last for decades, is well worth the cost when you think of the long term benefits.

Bad installation

A low quality gutter system is probably badly installed as well. One scratch to the protective coating can lead to years of corrosion. One incorrectly connected bracket can cause damage to the pipes. Every little mistake can add up to a gutter system that’s coming down sooner than later.

Simply put, the longer a gutter system lasts, the lower the environmental cost. A higher quality system, such as Lindab Rainline steel gutters is well worth the price because of the value, both to your wallet and to the environment. Come talk to us at European Gutters Canada and we’ll show you the highest quality, environmentally-friendly gutters on the market today.