We often get questions about comparisons of different materials for gutters. Very frequently the choice is between steel  versus plastic or aluminium gutters. Our choice at European Gutters Canada is, and has always been, steel. In this blog post we will give you a few of the reasons why you should choose Lindab Rainline steel gutters for your rainwater system rather than PVC or aluminium.

Most of these arguments go for all steel systems, but we think that Lindab Rainline Gutters add even more to this fantastic material. Lindab has been processing steel for more than 50 years and Lindab buys over 200,000 tonnes of steel every year, so we feel that they know what they are doing. Lindab also put their products through rigorous testing. More on that in another future post!

So, why Steel Gutters and Components?

1. Steel has the lowest carbon footprint of all rainwater systems materials

With steel you get a cost effective and environmental friendly installation that is 100% recyclable. Lindab Rainline systems are made from sheet steel, a raw material that has a natural place in today’s approach towards sustainability.

2. Steel stays in shape

Virtually all materials are affected by differences in temperature and grows and shrinks as the weather changes. Compared to aluminium and plastic, steel has a lot smaller movement factor. This means that your installation is much more likely to last as connections and fixation points won’t take such a beating as with other materials.





3. It’s really long lived

A rainwater system made of steel can last in excess of 70 years. To aid to the lifespan Lindab rustproofs the material with a 275 grams zinc coating. This gives the system a self-healing quality where scratches and cuts are automatically sealed by zinc ions that migrate to re-coat the uncovered steel.

4. Strong as steel

Steel is the foundation of all modern construction, and there is a reason for that. Steel is strong. Snow, hail, falling tree branches and other circumstances can easily break a rainwater system made from aluminium or plastic materials. And even though we recommend that you or your installation company are careful during the installation, a steel system is much more heavy duty than its competitors.

5. Steel is actually cheaper than plastic or aluminium

The initial cost for a steel rainwater system is higher. We’re not saying that it’s not. But if you take into consideration the lifespan and maintenance needed for the respective systems, you actually save money. The life-cycle cost for a steel system is considerably lower than any other system out there.

If you need anymore information or have questions pertaining to Lindab Rainline Gutter Systems call European Gutters @ 604-566-8411 or email us @ info@europeangutters.ca