There are few places in Canada where the integrity of a home rain gutter system is more important than the Vancouver BC area. Monthly rainfall averages in the winter are over 150mm.

Rain gutters are made from a wide range of material, including aluminum, zinc, vinyl and steel.

There are significant differences between these materials, including durability, effectiveness, maintenance, and environmental friendliness. Aluminum is the most widely used, and popular among DIYers. It’s lightweight, cheap, and typically easy to install. Likewise, vinyl is also lightweight, cheap and easy to install. Zinc is typically long lasting, but is more expensive and difficult to install than aluminum and vinyl. Copper is long lasting and beautiful as it patinas as the years go by, but copper is expensive. Steel rain gutters stand out because of their durability, allowing them to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Steel rain gutters by European Gutters build on the strengths of steel. Our Lindab Rainline half round gutters are made of 22-gauge steel, making their longevity triple that of aluminum. Because they do not need to be replaced as often, they are more environmentally friendly. Finally, the inclusion of pressure fitted gaskets eliminate the need for sealant that can crack and leak into your home’s foundation.

Ultimately, homeowners need to consider their own needs and budget when choosing the right gutter type. While steel may be one of the better options available, ensuring properly functioning gutters through regular maintenance and replacement when necessary is a priority that protects the integrity of any residential structure.

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