Leaf Screens


Keeping your gutters from collecting leaves and debris can cut down on the overall maintenance of your gutter system. While nothing is a 100% solution, leaf screens for your Lindab gutters can help to keep the majority of larger debris from clogging your gutters.

The rainy wet winter season in Vancouver is unavoidable, but keeping moisture away from your home with an effective set of gutters will help to prevent problems later on.

Leaf screens are the best way to keep your gutters as clean as possible. Reducing maintenance is important to most homeowners, and adding European Gutters perforated leaf screens to your Lindab Rainline gutters is a good place to start.

While there are many different factors that may affect the application of leaf screens, such as roof pitch and gutter location, it is often suitable for most applications.

Leaf Catchers

While leaf screens work to stop leaves and debris from collecting in horizontal gutters, leaf catchers are installed closer to the ground on vertical portions of the gutter system. Installing these along with leaf screens helps to keep your gutters clean and therefore they will need less maintenance overall. The leaf catchers prevent larger leaves, branches and other debris from getting into the perimeter gutters, which can cause clogs and potential damages.

Your existing Lindab Rainline gutter system can be fitted with leaf catchers after the fact and European Gutters sells them direct if you prefer to install them yourself.

For more information regarding leaf screens and leaf catchers call European Gutters Canada @ 604-566-8411 or email us @ info@europeangutters.ca