Lindab Rainline Gutter Components


Here’s a little ditty about BK and BM, two Swedish elbows competing in gutter land.

Seriously folks, this is a short informative article showing you the difference between the two elbows and how they should be used.

Lindab Rainline Gutter components are made of galvanized 0.6mm thick steel. Elbows are formed in 45, 70 and 85-degree angles to accommodate routing of pipes around any building feature. Elbows in combination with other pipe fittings such as offset elbows and branch pipes not only make the job look great but are truly functional. All pipe and pipe components are engineered to fit perfectly into each other and require no post-forming of parts. This makes installation simple and provide best performance with a continually smooth and consistent internal diameter.

We get a lot of questions about the different types of pipe elbows so this guide explains the differences. In fact, there is only one type of elbow that differs from all other components and is identified as BK. There are three diameters for given pipe size, nominal, under to fit inside the pipe (male) and over to fit outside (female). Pipes seal mechanically so it’s crucial that the pipe draining into the next pipe or component is the male or undersized end.

Installing Lindab pipes is really a simple operation and once you have mastered one pipe assembly you will know the answer to BK or to BM.



BK BM Elbow explained