Working From Home:

Derek, our BC Sales and Support salesperson for sent us an email showing us what he did on his Easter weekend.

Derek’s been working from home for a while now during this pandemic and by the look of things has kept himself pretty busy. He’s a handy guy and loves to design and build almost anything from his kids’ miniature car garage to displays that are set up in retail building supply stores across Canada.

With our Government suggesting social distancing some people just can’t do their work at the office, fortunately, some of us are able to work from home, Derek’s fortunate that he has this option.

With two children ages 5 and 8, they keep themselves busy while he’s working for the most part, only bothering him if there is an argument or someone is hungry and can’t get it themselves.

Derek’s been able to limit his time at the office right now to keep his and others’ possible exposure to COVID 19 to a minimum and keep our team’s families as safe as possible.

His wife works at a grocery store and is an essential service, the days she is working he’ able to watch the kids keeping them home instead of at their Grandparents where they would normally be if they both worked that day.

The weather has been in his favour as it has been sunny for these past few weeks with the odd cloudy day, this has allowed him to build some much-needed displays for retail locations, outside in the fresh air.

When not outside working Derek’s in his home office, emailing, calling and working on the sales and marketing side of

Most people would love to work from home but in these times its almost the only option, Derek says he’s looking forward to when this is all over and all our lives can go back to some version of normal.

We all feel turned upside down by these trying times, but if we all self-isolate, flatten the curve and stay healthy we can beat this and we will all get back to normalcy.

Thanks for the pictures and blog article Derek. Stay Home and Stay Sane!

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