SSVU #1209

SSVU 3″ Strap

Lindab Rainline 3″ Strap SSVU
  • Galvanized steel coating
  • Superior snap-in fitting
  • Extra durable high-build polyester paint
  • Use two per downpipe length or as required

The pipe holder for round downpipes fits the pipe perfectly and firm. It’s produced from only one piece of sheet steel and has no accessories to be lost or misplaced.
The properties snap-lock and easy access to the screw holes are only two of the advantages with the downpipe holder. The downpipe holder is developed for not only a fast and easy installation – but also a nice looking result.
The aesthetics of the SSVU harmonizes well with the rounded shape of the down pipe.
This product is made of precoated galvanized steel in 0,7mm thickness. Because of the high quality steel it will age in the same way as all the other products in the system and no difference in design will occur.

Professional installation and do-it-yourself packages available.

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