This house is on the escarpment in Burlington, Ontario. Revivaline Inc. Ontario spent the entire winter working on this gorgeous home.

John and his crew did some rough carpentry to build out the soffit, fascia and friezeboards, they installed beaded vinyl soffit and aluminum fascia capping, and solid PVC with wood exterior trim-work around windows and doors, friezeboards (in residential construction, a horizontal or angled when installed on gables trim board installed flat against the wall and which covers the gap between the top of the siding or brick facade and the soffit. Also any horizontal, sculptured or decorative band on a house, in a room, or on furniture).

John also installed cedar shingle siding, rebuilding of the bell curves at the bottoms of the siding walls, and 6" Lindab gutters and components in Dark Bronze.

Beautiful work by Revivaline Inc. 

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