This South Surrey bungalow had old 4-inch gutters painted “robin’s egg blue” and the owner decided it was time to return it to a classic brick home.

The old worn-out gutters were taken down and 5` Anthracite half-round Lindab Rainline® Gutters were installed, they provide more than double the effective drainage without adding more pipes and the owner wanted leaf screens added for less yard maintenance.

In one garden location, a cluster chain provides a unique accent. While chain drops are usually reserved for low volume locations with longer overhangs, this section has a second outlet that controls 75% of the volume and the cluster chain provides a greater surface to minimize splashing.

The chain drop (rain chain) can be a decorative alternative in situations where a regular downpipe is not suitable, or where the designer desires a unique feature or look for the home. Surface tension causes the water to follow the chain to a ground drain, water feature or a bed of gravel.

Rain chains are mesmerizing to watch and lovely to listen to. They come in many different varieties, copper, aluminum, cast iron and stainless steel. Also, they come in varied shapes, umbrellas, fish, buckets, the shapes are endless!

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