Better Gutters of Kingston Ontario.

The location and design of this restoration/remodel craftsman cottage provided a great framework to opt for Lindab Rainline gutters.

The home-owners had already made a decision to look for a gutter product that would better deal with the copious mounds of leaves that accumulate in the fall and, being set high up on the St Lawrence river-bank, the house is constantly buffeted by high winds dumping twigs and tree droppings into the gutters all year round and snow and ice for most of the winter.

The half-round profile of Lindab Rainline gutters and complementary down-pipes was the obvious choice for this application.

So; with the decision already made that Lindab Rainline was the right choice of gutter system and components for the house, the only remaining challenge was deciding on which colour to go with.

The stone on the walls has both grey and beige tones to it. The fascia board is linen white. The roof shingles are a great match in colour to the Lindab Anthracite Metallic and it was this that most influenced the final decision. In the end, the choice was pretty easy. Anthracite was the winner!

When we are speaking to customers about colour choice, we remind them that, once installed, the gutters end up being an extension to the roof shingles, physically and cosmetically so; most often it makes sense to match or complement the colour of gutters to the colour of the roof shingles. Even though the fascia board colour is white in this case, you don’t see any of that colour above and in between the gutter and the roof shingles so opting for the Antracite Metallic colour to complement the roof shingles made for a very clean looking end-result. Also; in this case, the Anthracite Metallic down-pipes were a nice neutral tone to complement the wall stone on the house.

In the end, the Lindab Rainline Gutter System was a great looking installation and another happy customer that will enjoy their investment in Lindab Rainline for many, many years to come.

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