Lindab Zinc Magestic "The Wood Shed"
John D. owner of Revivaline Inc.  Ontario installed a Lindab Rainline Gutter System on the Wood Shed in Smithville Ontario.

The Wood Shed is a family run business that started out on the family farm in 1990.
They renovated the poultry barn into a wood supply shop, selling specialty wood.
Over the years their business has grown from a hobby into a full-fledged business.

As the company grew they expanded their building, John and his crews were called in to install
a special order of Lindab Rainline Gutters and components, called Zinc Magestic.

What is Lindab Magestic?
It's not just a color of Lindab, It's an elite galvanization. A new technology has allowed galvanized steel to be
developed using magnesium to create a stable barrier to protect zinc’s porous structure against corrosion factors.
It's self-healing and has Improved cut edge protection.
A galvanized coating migrates to repair red rust on cuts and scratches. Magnesium is more anodic than
zinc making the sacrificial properties of the Magestic coating more active than a zinc galvanized coating.
The self-healing effect remains on heavy gauge Magestic material above 5mm.
It's proven protection, having the highest surface protection rating of any metallic coated steel!
Salt spray tests demonstrate more than 20 times the corrosion resistance of hot dipped galvanization.

Lindab's Zinc Magestic is exceptionally environmentally friendly.
Galvanized steel is already the most environmentally friendly material used in rainwater systems, Magestic has a reduced impact on zinc resources. Adding a minor factor of magnesium to the zinc dramatically
improves performance enabling reduced coating thickness. Less than 25% zinc run off into soils compared to hot
dipped galvanized steel.
Zinc Magestic ages beautifully.
It has a natural weathering effect. Unpainted metal gutters naturally adjust to the installation environment,
Magestic patinas to an attractive dark grey metallic appearance within 3-5 years after installation.

So, as you can see, someone did their homework and picked a very long lasting gutter system for their long-term investment!
Lindab is a good looking gutter system, perfectly designed for our extreme Canadian weather and extremely durable.

Professional installation and do-it-yourself packages available.

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