Novak Aluminum installed 6” Dark Grey Lindab Rainline Gutters with 3” downpipes and rain 🌧 chains ⛓in Minden hills. Off little Bob Lake, Ontario.

The owners purchased this property and built this home 3 years ago. They were worried about conventional extruded gutters that at 166 feet in length,
there would be severe oil canning (Oil canning is defined as the perceived waviness of metal) and loss of strength.

Novak showed them the Lindab system and they were really impressed with the gasket system that Lindab Rainline Gutter Systems has to offer.
They were happy with the product which is a much heavier gauge of steel as they have some severe weather in that area.
(Lindab is made of 22-gauge steel, making it's longevity triple that of aluminum and it can withstand heavy snowfalls and being a half-round gutter profile, moves a large amount of rainwater)

Novak started out with beautiful weather and by the time he was 8 km away the snow started to fall and it was quite an event trying to get to the property but in the end, he installed the gutters.

Happy customers, happy Novak Aluminum! (No snow days for this hardy team)

If you are in Ontario and looking for the best half round steel gutter system in Canada call Novak!

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