When it comes to installing rain gutters, there is one cardinal rule to follow – leave it to the professionals. Improperly installed gutters can create a whole bunch of issues that can be extremely expensive to repair. However, there are a few things to keep an eye on as a homeowner, whether you’re getting brand-new gutters or replacing old ones for your home. 

1. Don’t skimp on the gutters:

It can be tempting to go with the cheapest gutters you can get, especially if you have other renovation or building costs to deal with. Very often, you’ll have a choice between plastic (PVC), aluminum, or steel gutters. While PVC and aluminum gutters can work out cheaper than steel gutters when it comes to upfront costs, steel gutters are better in the long run when you take into account lifespans and maintenance costs. It works out better to pay upfront for high-quality gutters than be saddled with multiple repair costs over the years.

2. Choose the right type of gutters:

Apart from what the gutters are made from, there are various designs to choose from as well. The most popular designs are the K-style gutters and half-round gutters. Many homeowners tend to opt for K-style gutters to maintain an angular look around the house. Half-round gutters look like a pipe sawed in half and tend to be better as they allow the smooth flow of water and prevent debris from collecting in corners.

You may also have to choose between sectional and seamless gutters. While sectional gutters snap into place quickly, they are prone to leaking at the seams. You’ll find professionals recommending seamless gutters for this very reason. 

3. Consider gutter guards and screens:

It’s always a good idea to consider installing gutter guards and leaf screens, especially if you live in an area with plenty of trees. Gutter guards prevent leaves and debris from collecting in your gutters so they remain free flowing. Additionally, they prevent rodents or birds from getting into your gutter systems., With no built-up debris, gutter guards also reduce the number of times you need to get your gutters cleaned every year. You can always add them later, but having gutter guards in place will protect them right from the get-go.

4. Downspouts are vital:

The placement of downspouts is vital to making sure your gutter systems work well. They need to direct water away from the foundation of the house to prevent structural damage, erosion, and waterlogging. You also need to have enough downspouts to make sure that the gutters don’t get overloaded during heavy rains. 

Professional gutter installers will do the math and let you how many downspouts you need and where they should be placed.

5. Pick the right installation company:

Do your research on gutter installation companies in your area and look at reviews. Speak to them about their expertise in the area along with the products they offer. Many reputable gutter installation companies are happy to give you a free estimate. 

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