RSKR #1164

RSKR Hanger Gasket

Lindab Rainline Hanger Gasket RSKR
  • Galvanized steel powder coating
  • Superior snap-in fitting
  • Extra durable high-build polyester paint
  • Leak proof EPDM rubber seal

A combined bracket with gutter joint for faster, easier and cleaner installation. Perfect for example round roofs with short pieces of gutters and there’s no place for both brackets and gutter joints.
This product is made of both precoated galvanized steel in 0,7mm thickness and powder coated galvanized steel in 5mm thickness.
According to applicable European Norms (EN 1462:2005) all brackets for rainwater systems need to be classified according to load bearing capacity. The EN norm has two load Classes H (750 N) and L (500 N). The RSKR is tested and approved according to this norm with result within class H (high load capability)

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