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RVI 135 #1165 #1181RVI Miter 135 Degree Inside Corner

RVI 135 #1165 #1181

RVI Miter 135 Degree Inside Corner

Lindab Rainline Half Round Miter 135 Degree Inside Corner RVI
  • Galvanized steel coating
  • Extra durable high-build polyester paint
  • Use one per inside 135-degree corner
  • Custom angles are special order

The half-round gutter angle at 135 degrees is pressed in one piece, not welded which eliminates the risk of leakage.
This product is made of precoated galvanized steel in 0,6mm thickness. Because of the high-quality steel, it will age in the same way as all the other products in the system and no difference in design will occur.

Professional installation and do-it-yourself packages available.

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